Time To Start Something New

I never really had any great aspirations in life, all I ever REALLY wanted to be was a wife and a mom, and I was so incredibly blessed to be a stay-at-home wife and mom for 20 years. The downside of that is… after my kids grew up and left home and my husband passed away in 2016 following a 9-year battle with a brain tumor, I was lost. 

I had given up my writing career in 2015 to focus all my time and energy on Charles, so I didn’t have a career anymore. I didn’t feel like I had any purpose. And I added to my grief by leaving my entire life behind when I moved from North Carolina to California 2017.

I fell into such a deep depression I could barely function, and I had no direction in life. Then one afternoon, while I was home in bed sick… again… a friend called and presented me with a life-changing opportunity…

A chance to say YES to a new business… to new friends who are quickly becoming ohana (family)… and to creating a healthy and exciting new way of life. Please follow along on my journey or better yet… #JoinMeInThisWellnessJourney

#BoostingImmunity #IncreaseYourHealthSpan #IncreaseYourLifeSpan #YourHealthIsPriority #MindBodyHealth #TreatYourBodyRight #WellnessGoals #HealthJourney #HealthyHappyLife #HealthyLifestyle #RestoreYourBody #Widow

Peace and love,

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