March 9th, 2016… My Husband’s Final Gift

This image from the Power Of Positivity really spoke to me today, because 4 years ago today, my husband gave me a final gift… he had a stroke.

I imagine you’re wondering what’s wrong with me… how could I say such a thing? But I knew my husband, in a lot it ways, better than I knew (and still know) myself. I woke up every morning to him lying in bed beside me, smiling and saying, “I love you” with his eyes. We spent all day every day together, and then we went to sleep at night holding hands.

I’m not sure I could’ve survived him leaving in an instant, one minute there, the next minute gone. And he knew that. I say that his stroke was his and God’s gift to me, because it allowed me to get used to waking up alone and going to sleep alone, but still getting to spend the day with him at the hospital. I had a month to prepare for the inevitable conclusion to his fight that I spent nearly nine years refusing to accept. March 9th marks a lot of firsts and a lot of lasts for he and I. And every year, I keep waiting for this day to get easier. So far, it hasn’t. Maybe next year….

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